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RPG Weapons Chart

This is a list giving mechanics specs for various types of weapons that one might encounter in a fairly typical medieval setting. Some tend towards earlier times, some not developed until slightly later, but reality has been relaxed a bit in favor of having fun. NOTE: The damages for these weapons are tuned for a slightly cooked version of D&D, the major relevant changes being a modified strength table that gives damage bonuses much earlier, slightly more HP for characterss, and a 20 part round (characters roll init as normal, and then add weapon speed - totals greater than 20 mean the character goes the next round). All weapons have a single damage; no variation made for small or large creatures.

For fuller descriptions of the various weapons, look at the Weapons List.

There are 8 basic classes of weapons and one catch all category:

Under each general class there is a list of all weapons that fall under that class. Each weapon is identified by-

Name Damage Speed Notes

Damage is always calculated by rolling the die, adding strength and/or magical modifiers, and then adding base damage modifiers. Also, a weapon can never have a strength based modifier greater than the the maximum base damage of the weapon, unless otherwise noted. Example: Johan the Fair is in a duel. He's using his rapier (dam 1d6), and he has a strength of 15 (giving him a +1 to hit and a +3 damage). He manages to hit, but only barely (rolls a 1 on 1d6). So, he starts with a 1 and then adds his strengh modifier, up to the max possible for the weapon. Normally this would mean adding 3, but the rapier has a max strength modifier of +1, so he adds 1, bringing his total up to 2. If the weapon had any other plusses or minuses intrinsic to its damage they would be added at this point.

Any time a second attack happens in a round, it happens at the end of the round - after all weapons (even crossbows) have gotten in their first attack. There after, use the weapon speeds to determine what order second attacks occur. Weapons with the same speed go simultaneously (unless one person holds off - if both hold off then both lose their second attack).


Name Damage Speed Notes
Knife 1d3 1
Dagger 1d4 1 May be thrown (-1 to hit, unless prof. in thrown weapon)
Dagger: Maine-Gauche 1d3+1 2
Footmans Sword 1d4+1 4
Rapier 1d6 2 Max Strength Dam Bonus is +1
Sabre 1d6 3 Max Strength Dam Bonus is +3
Cutlass 1d6 5
Scimitar 2d4 6
Long Sword 1d8+1 6
Bastard Sword 1d10+1 8 Requires 2 hands free to use effectively (-1 to hit and dam and +2 speed if wielded with only one hand)
Great Sword 1d12+1 10 Must awlays be used with 2 hands


Name Damage Speed Notes
Hatchet 1d4 4 can be thrown if decently balanced
Hand Scythe (Sickle) 1d4+1 5 Cannot be thrown, has a tendency to get stuck
Hand Axe 1d4+2 6 Can be thrown with 2 handed over head with a speed of 8
Throwing Axe 1d8 5 When used for melee does 1d4 with a speed of 6
Felling Axe 1d6+2 7 Can be thrown 2 handed over head with a speed of 9
Large Scythe 1d6+1 9 Has a tendency to get stuck
War Axe 1d8+2 9 With no room to swing it can be used as a short thrusting weapon doing 1d4 with speed 5
Great Axe 1d12+2 12 2 handed swing only


Name Damage Speed Notes
Small Hammer 1d3 4
Horsemans Mace 1d6 6
Morning Star 1d6+1 6
Footmans Mace 2d4 8
Spike Hammer 1d8+1 8
Maul 2d8+1 13 Impractical in melee


Name Damage Speed Notes
Ball and Chain 2d3 6
Horsemans Flail 1d6+1 7
Holy Water Sprinkler 1d6+2 7
Footmans Flail 1d8+1 9 -2 dam and +4 init if used 1 handed
Large Holy Water Sprinkler 3d4 9 -2 dam and +4 init if used 1 handed
Double Flail (Nun Chuka) 1d4 3 +1/2 atk/rnd if used with 2 hands
Great Flail 3d6 13 Two hands only


Name Damage Speed Notes
Light Staff 1d6-1 2
Blade Staff 1d6+1 4
Quarter Staff 1d6 3
Shod Staff 1d6+1 5


Name Damage Speed Notes
Spear 1d8 4 when used as a staff, does 1d6-1, speed 5, can be thrown with no penalties
Lance 1d10 9 Useable only from horseback at a charge - use the horse's strength (usually 18-20) for damage bonus calc, with an additional +1/10' beyond min dist of charge, up to +4 charge bonus (min 15' charge) - when attacking, make a riding prof. check, add to the to hit roll or subtract from the to hit roll the appropriate amount made or missed by
Glaive 1d10 7
Halberd 1d12 10
Bardiche 2d6+1 12
Military Hammer 3d4 12

Bows & Crossbows

NOTE: All bows and crossbows have a weapon speed of 1 if they are cocked and readied, and fire at the given rate there after.

Name Damage Speed Notes
Horse Bow 1d4 4 max Str 14, +1/2 atk/rnd
Horn Bow 1d4 4 max Str 16, +1/2 atk/rnd
Bow 1d6-1 Max Str 16 max Str 16, +1/2 atk/rnd, -2 to hit if used from horseback (and a successful riding prof. check)
Long Bow 1d6+1 4 +1/2 atk/rnd, not useable from horseback
Recurve Bow 1d6 4 max Str 18, +1/2 atk/rnd, -2 to hit if used form horseback (and a successful riding prof. check)
Hand Crossbow 1d2+1 10 Str 12
Light Crossbow 1d4+1 Last Str 14
Footmans Crossbow 1d4+1 Last Str 16, -1/2 atk/rnd
Heavy Crossbow 1d4+1 Last Str 19, -1/2 atk/rnd


Name Damage Speed Notes
Hand Sling 1d6-1 7 -1 dam vs targets with hard armor, -1 to hit when using natural stones
Staff Sling 1d6 5 -1 dam vs targets with hard armor, -1 to hit when using natural stones, may be used in melee as a slightly slow (+1 init) light staff

Unusual Weapons

Name Damage Speed Notes
Javelin 1d6 5 melee or thrown
Whip none to 1d6-1 3 to 9 entangle and strangle
Wire Whip 1d2 to 1d6 3 to 7 Viscious, conductive, entangle and strangle
Multipart Whip 1d10 10
Rope 1d1 to 1d4 4 to 9 entangle and strangle possible
Cloak 0 to 1d4 5 to 12 AC bonus when used defensively, entangle and strangle possible
Blow Pipe 1d2 7 silent
Double Sticks 1d4-1 3 +1/2 atk/rnd
Caltrop 1d1 to 1d3 - handful of 4 to 9 at a time (depends on size)