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A Caving trip

This is a collection of photos from a trip the two of my friends and I made to the Ward-Gregory cave in Clarksville, New York. The map shown is only a partial cave map.

Click on the green circles to see the relevant photo, and on BEFORE and AFTER to see (surprise!) the Before and After pictures of us.
before entrance entering m_crouch k_and_m wp 1 wp 3 sump waterfall passage cascade snake_start k_butt m_butt k_head after

Here's the sump, what you can see of it. There was a lot of mist, and then some other people down there started smoking (just incredibly inconsiderate and obnoxious, but I rant and digress...). The room is big, maybe 20' high and about the same across. There a big pool where the stream enters, and to go any farther down this way oen has to swim through the pool. We turned around here.